ITRP is leading a revolution in ITSM, service management and SIAM

We focus on improving business processes and the way in which organisations, departments and third parties communicate and share data.


ITRP = no hidden add-on costs

Most vendors will say they can make it work the way you want and then tell you the add-on and PSO cost

Leading the movement for ITSM change
The ITSM world needs to change. There has been a lack of innovation for many years, as vendors offer the same technology with more and more complex configurations. All this comes at a cost to the business customer.

ITRP is reinventing the approach to service management and its delivery, focusing on improving business processes and the way in which organisations, departments and third parties communicate and share data. Don’t settle for another “me-too” vendor, take a look at what makes ITRP different.


ITRP = REAL Everything as a Service

Licensing, implementation, services and support – all at one price

EaaS (Everything as a Service)
Are you fed up with paying more than you should for the fundamentals of your ITSM projects and then being hit by hidden costs? The fact is that licensing from most ITSM and service management vendors is complex and expensive. PSO and support costs just add to this expense. ITRP gives you the ability to have everything as a service – with no catches or additional module costs – for just one, transparent, monthly fee.

Service à la carte
At ITRP we understand that not all service management projects are the same, both in terms of deployment and integration. That is why we offer our à la carte service to take care of product integrations, data migration and on-site service. Let us do the heavy lifting for you. You can then choose to switch to EaaS or have your staff trained to manage the system internally. It is your choice.


ITRP = a totally different approach

Defined best practice that removes layers of complexity and significant cost

Let’s talk ITIL
Best practice frameworks are nothing new. Most ITSM vendors deliver their own flavour of ITIL process compatibility that is then configured to your business. ITRP believes that the key to success with best practice is to realign your process models to work in the best possible way. This makes organisations more efficient, saving time, money and complexity. ITIL process compliance is not enough if it is seen as just another tick box. We will help you to aim higher.

Unified process for all
ITRP’s experience in SIAM (service integration and management) has highlighted the need for organisations, their departments, partners and suppliers to work together as efficiently as possible. This is where ITRP has focused its efforts. Imagine a tool that enables all these disparate departments and organisations to communicate data across a unified process model. There would be no more gaps in service provision or invisible data – just an efficient network of users, all working towards a more profitable goal.

ITRP - Service navigator


The IT Service Management Revolution

Simplifying the user experience with ITRP

Enterprise-class speed

Re-engineering the concept of ITSM for greater simplicity, functionality and ease of use

Unlike typical toolbox ITSM applications, ITRP has been built to address fundamental user challenges. It is it an out-of-the-box solution that enables a business to concentrate on using the system to gain advantages and get a return on investment more quickly. ITRP developers are able to continuously monitor and improve the speed of application transactions across a unique, global content delivery network. The ITRP network ensures that the application gets delivered from the environment that is nearest to the user’s location. This has dramatic performance benefits, making ITRP the only viable option for large organisations that operate in geographically remote locations.

Faster performance